Brewster High School
Brewster High School

Brewster High School is the name of the school that all the main characters attend. It is central location the show takes place in (including the cafeteria, the gym, and the Gravity 5 headquarters) . The school is set in the real-life city of Los Angeles, California. It was first seen in "How to Rock Braces and Glasses".

Known Students

Known Staff


  • In the book, the school is called Marquette Middle School.
  • The school has the same letters as Webster High in "A.N.T.Farm" if you reorder the letters.
  • The mascots are the Screaming Vikings", also the name of a football team in the National Football league also known as the NFL.
  • Brewster High School is also the name of the school in the Disney movie Hatching Pete.

The school mascot colors!

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