Take a gander at the cute Gander moment
General Information
Nickname Gander; Zace
Intimacy Level Enemies (officially)
Started Friendship "Braces & Glasses"

Gander (G/race + Z/ander) is the pairing Grace King and Zander Robbins.

Gander Moments

How to Rock Braces and Glasses

  • When Molly and Grace saw Kacey with Gravity 5 Grace asked Molly if they were going to join Gravity 5. (Grace probably wanted to join because Zander is in Gravity 5).

How to Rock a Guest List

  • When Zander was telling Grace and Molly a story Grace tells Zander his sweating is creeping her out.
  • Grace says Zander's story is sweet.

How to Rock a Newscast

  • Grace and Zander were both the anchors.
  • Grace read Zander lines.
  • Grace and Zander were sitting close to one another.
  • At one point Zander looked at Grace.
  • Grace and Zander high-fived eachother.
  • Zander was smiling at Grace many times.

How to Rock a Secret Agent

  • Grace smiled at Zander when he walked into the school dance.
  • Grace and Zander danced together at the end.

Similarities and Differences

  • They're both concerned with their looks.
  • They're opposite gender.
  • They're members of rival bands.


  • Official Color- Black because they both wore black in How to Rock a Newscast (Grace a black dress and Zander a black jacket.)