General Information
Nickname Gracey; Kace; Krace
Intimacy Level Frenemies
Started Friendship Before "Braces & Glasses"

Gracey (Gra/ce + Ka/cey) is the frenemy pairing of Grace King and Kacey Simon. This pairing could also be name Kace. These girls were formerly best friends, even though they aren't really mean to each other. For the most part, they are civil towards each other.

Gracey Moments

Season 1 Moments

How to Rock Braces and Glasses

  • Grace is worried about Kacey's vision.
  • Grace, along with Molly and some other Perfs, kicked Kacey out of the group.

How to Rock a Messy Bet

  • Grace (and Molly) helped Stevie try to get Kacey to lose the bet.

How to Rock a Guest List

  • Gravity 5 wasn't shocked to see that Molly and Grace got first invitations to Justin Cole's party.
  • Grace suggested Kacey go to a petting zoo.

How to Rock a Statue

  • Grace admits to Kacey how she forgot how funny Kacey is. (Unlike Molly, she did not mean that sarcastically.)

How to Rock a Music Video

  • Grace offers Kacey some cheese bread.
  • Grace puts her arm around Kacey's shoulder.

How to Rock a Birthday Party

  • Kacey most likely (and secretly) called in Grace as a favor to give Nelson the best birthday ever. This shows that despite the Perfs switching leaders and being Molly's best friend, she might still be loyal to Kacey to the extent that she will help Gravity 5 when need be.

How to Rock a Cee Lo

  • Grace becomes the temporary replacement singer when Kacey goes on tour with Cee Lo.
  • Kacey offers Grace a chance to sing with Gravity 5 since she won the audition.
  • Grace give the lead singer positison back to Kacey.
    • In return Kacey gives Grace advice and helps her earn respect from Molly.


  • They are both part of The Perfs. (Before How to Rock Braces and Glasses)
  • They were best friends.
  • Kacey and Grace seem to respect one another more then Molly and Kacey.