Gravity 5
Gravity 5

Gravity 5 (previously Gravity 4) is the pop rock band led by Zander Robbins that Kacey Simon joins after she is expelled from the most popular clique in Brewster High School. At first the band was unknown to the school until Kacey's talent brings it to the top, rivaling with The Perfs. It consists of five members: Kacey Simon, Stevie Baskara, Zander Robbins, Kevin Reed, and Nelson Baxter.They sang with Cee Lo Green in the battle of the bands in the episode Cee Lo, but they are disqualified from the competition. They become a club in How to Rock a Yearbook, with 17 extra new members in one episode.


(Before Kacey joined, the group was called "Gravity 4".)

The band has performed in these locations:

  • School courtyard
  • School cafeteria
  • Gravity 5's headquarters
  • Justin Cole's party
  • School gym
  • School auditorium
  • A live stage in front of thousands of people.
  • mall parking lot
  • in between multi-purpose rooms 3 & 4


Temporary Members





  • All 5 members play at least one instrument:
    • Zander - Lead Guitar, Electric Guitar, Ukulele, Keytar
    • Stevie - Bass Guitar, Cello, Violin,and Ukulele.
    • Nelson - Keyboard, Piano, Mixing Table
    • Kevin - Drums
    • Kacey - her voice and guitar.
  • It is shown that Gravity 5 isn't as popular at Brewster High (at least prior to Kacey's arrival), yet everyone likes their music.
  • Out of the five members, Kacey, Zander, Stevie and Nelson have some degree of animosity towards Molly and The Perfs.
  • Even though Zander stated that no one can find them in their bandroom, The Perfs know the exact location of the bandroom and the fact that it serves as their headquarters.


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