How You Do It
How to Rock, How You Do It
Song by Gravity 5
Album: HTR Soundtrack
Episode: "A Basketball Team"
Genre(s): Pop-rock
Length: 1:57 (on show)
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"How You Do It" is a song performed by Kacey Simon in the episode How to Rock a Basketball Team. During the song, Kacey introduces the band for the first time and includes that Stevie scored the winning basket for their team. In reality, the song was written by Robert Allen, Drew Ryan Scott, Walter Afanasieff, Jaakko Manninen and Justin Trugman.

This song is available for free download here.



I was born with a rare heartbeat
It controls the way I move my feet
Everywhere there's a melody
And it takes over me

'Cause what's around just got a lot
To do with how you rock
Your body's got a way to tell if something's hot
So if you feel it coming on
Don't you turn it off
It's natural, you cant fight it

I love how you do it
Don't want you to lose it
I wanna say oh oh 'cause you're so perfect
I love how you do it
Don't want you to lose it
Tonight we're going oh oh to the music

Show me your moves with the music
Oh I love how you do it
Everybody move with the music
Yeah, yeah I love how you do it

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