"How to Rock a Tennis Ball" is an episode in season 1 of How to Rock. It aired December 1, 2012. It is the 26th and final episode of the show made and the 25th and penultimate episode aired.


The school's flea market is there and Gravity 5 has to bring items to sell, but Kacey doesn't bring anything. So Mr. March asked anyone if they could watch over his items, then Kacey gets accepted to do the job. Mr. March goes over with items and guidelines and tells her to protect his prized tennis ball, who he claims to have been signed by a professional tennis player, he says that Kacey will show people the tennis ball without selling it.

Soon, Kacey remembers that her driving lessons with Danny Mango's is coming up and explains that it was the cheapest one she could find around town. She asks if Nelson could watch over it, then it goes to the Perfs, then the Perfs give it to someone in Gravity 5, which ends up with Andy's monkey. 

Kacey realizes that the Driving Lessons from Danny Mango were just so she could deliver some of Danny Mango's products then comes back from it realizing that the ball was with the monkey. She tries to get it back from him but he throws it to Molly, then Molly throws it away and tells Kacey to catch it, but it ends up in a waffle that Kevin was going to warm, and gets stuck inside broken. She then gets mad at Kevin but he puts whipped cream on it making it too late. So she worries and asks the Perfs and Gravity 5 for help to replace it.

They use Danny Mango's car to drive to a Tennis Game and Kacey gets Kevin and Nelson to be in the game stadium to try and get the guy's signature. They succeed and bring it back before Mr. March arrives. Then he says that that ball that they had was not his, and explains that he's proud of Kacey and her friends that they were able to fix the mess that they had done, and also revealed that the signature was a forgery and liked his new tennis ball better, leaving Kacey and the gang mad of all their hard work.



  • Nelson tells us that Gravity 5 knew each other for 5 years.
  • This is the 2nd episode where Danny Mango makes an appearance.


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