How to Rock an Election is the sixth episode of How to Rock. It first aired on Nickelodeon in the United States on March 3, 2012.

In this episode, Kacey and Kevin both decide to run in separate campaigns, after The Perfs win the Class President elections four years in a row. To lure in the votes, Kacey tells the whole student body that she will get Big Time Rush to perform at their school if she wins. This is a special crossover with Big Time Rush.

Episode Summary

Kacey is running against Molly for class president, and the polls show that the race is very close. In order to capture the nerd vote, Kacey convinces Kevin to run and then drop out at the last minute, giving his

BTR at Brewster High School.

supporters to her. Kacey is so confident this plan is going to work that she is already planning the Victory party and has promised that she will get the band Big Time Rush to come perform. But something happens to Kevin when he gets a taste of popularity, and the race is actually between Kacey and Kevin now. Kacey realizes that her friendship is more important than winning- she pulls through to support Kevin and even comes through on her promise to bring BTR to their school.

Memorable Quotes

Kacey: A lot of candidates promise you a lot of things. Some promise you some things. But I, Kacey Simon, am the only candidate who promises you no things. Except one thing: I will be your voice. The voice of the regular kids. I believe Brewster High can be great again. So vote for me. Simon Says.
♫ Give up hope, throw away your vote. Stop, don't do it. I didn't say Simon Says. ♫


Featured songs


  • This is the second time that Big Time Rush and Cymphonique have worked together.
  • This was the fourteenth episode to be filmed but it is being aired sixth.
  • Ironically, Cymphonique Miller has guest starred on Big Time Rush.
  • Big Time Rush revealed that they play in London, which stated that the episode takes place after Big Time Movie.
  • This is the first crossover episode, BTR have ever starrted in with any Nickelodeon series.
  • When Big Time Rush is performing James smiles and point at Grace. In real life Halston Sage, who plays Grace and James Maslow were dating.


The episode score 3.2 million viewers a series high since the pilot which score 3.3 million viewers.


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