I like that you don't try so hard. You're cool.
Justin Cole
Justin Cole
Full Name

Justin Cole





Hair Color



Stevie Baskara (crush)


The Perfs
Gravity 5


Brewster High School '14

First Episode

"How to Rock a Guest List"

Last Episode

How to Rock a Guest List

Portrayed By

Jack DePew

Justin Cole is the richest and most popular student that goes to Brewster High School. He made his only appearance and had a party in "How to Rock a Guest List." He was also shown to have a crush on Stevie.


Molly Garfunkel

He is shown giving her the first invitation to his party, though this may just be because she is a Perf.

Grace King

He is shown giving her the second invitation to his party, but he might have only done that because she is a perf.

Kacey Simon

Justin invites Kacey to his party even though she wasn't with the perfs anymore.


Alone together

Stevie and Justin

Stevie Baskara

Main article: Stustin

  • He is shown to have a crush on Stevie.
  • He convinced her to come to the party.
  • He nervously asked if her brothers beat up guys who liked her.
  • They leg wrestled together.
  • Stevie is shown to like him back and is very interested.

Kacey Simon

  • Kacey was always invited to his parties.
  • He begged Kacey to come when she turned down his invitation. This had offended him.
  • He tried to kick Kacey out of the party, but her friends wouldn't let him.


  • He is shown to have a crush on Stevie.
  • He's rich, popular and throws huge, great parties (although he has weird and wacky ways when it comes to inviting people to come to them).
  • In 2012 he rode on a unicorn, giving out invitations.
  • In 2011 he rode on an ostrich, got pigs wrapped in blankets to serve mini hotdogs (pigs-in-a-blankets) at his party, and got Will.I.Am. to sing three songs.)
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