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Song by Zander Robbins
Album: HTR Soundtrack
Episode: How to Rock a Love Song
Genre(s): Romantic
Length: About 2 mins
How to Rock chronology
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Next: "Crazy"
How to Rock Zander-My Lady

How to Rock Zander-My Lady

Lady is a love song written by Zander becomes the topic for the entire How to Rock a Love Song , as Kacey and Stevie discover it and point fingers as to whom he wrote it for. The song is actually dedicated to Zander's dog, Lady.



Hey baby
I know how you get,
When I'm running around, without you
But darlin', just understand
Ain't nobody around, yeah
Quite like you
We're unconditional

You're my lady
Beautiful, how we click
Got me walking on sunshine
Oh my baby
We could stare at the moon
Knowing it would be alright

Oh my baby
It's a stroll in the park
Cuddle up on the couch, after dark
You're, you're my lady...

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