Me Myself and I
Song by Kacey Simon ft. Trey Grant and The Perfs
Album: HTR Soundtrack
Episode: "High School Sensation"
Genre(s): Pop, Hip Hop
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How to Rock Cast (feat

How to Rock Cast (feat. Cymphonique & Romeo Miller) - Me, Myself, and I

"Me Myself and I" is song performed by Kacey Simon and Trey Grant in the episode, "How to Rock High School Sensation".



Don't wanna be beautiful
I'm rocking my same old shoes
A little unusual
And thats my kind of cool

I don't need a diamond just to shine
I don't need a plane to touch the sky                                                                                                                                  

don't wanna be beautiful... i want to be like me, myself, and I I I I...

me, myself, and I,I,I,I I.... me, myself, and I


yeah,look turn my swag on but remember who I see me, be myself and not have attitude now that's a masterpiece girl you just so beautiful you need to hear that everyday them bullies up in school they hate because life for us is a piece of cake, me I shine bright and I ain't even got no dimonds on I sing and dance around like everyday my favorite song I don't need your compliments see me I'm just so confident and to be myself for now don't I look so astonishing...


you,you,you your a little miss perfect trying so hard be for me it ain't worth it no,no,no,no Don't wanna be beautiful, i'm rocking my same old shoes a little unusual but thats my kind of cool i don't need a dimond just to shine i don't need a plane to touch the sky,Don't wanna be beautiful... I want to be like my,myself, and I,I,I,I I... me,myself,and I,I,I,I I... me,myself,and I wawawawaaaa 


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