Personally, I would love to see Halston Sage get slimed, Cause she's always looking so nice, she's looking perfect..
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General Information
Nickname Nalston
Intimacy Level Close Friends
Started Friendship During The Filming Of How to Rock
Friendship Status Close Friends

Nalston (N/oah and H/alston) is the pairing of Halston Sage and Noah Crawford. They are shown to be very good friends who interact and do things together outside of the show.

Noah and Halston Comments about each other

  • On the Friday June 22, 2012 Figure it out episode. Before the show started, Noah Crawford said "Personally, I would love to see Halston Sage get slimed, Cause she's always looking so nice, she's looking perfect."
  • Halston Sage said in a Young Hollywood interview that "Noah does like to cause a little trouble but it's really all in good fun and humor. He's hilarious."
  • Noah Crawford in the Young Hollywood interview was explaining about "A scene where Halston's character Grace is supposed to kiss Nelson on the cheek. And so I kept joking around and telling people that i was gonna mess up and that way we can do it again. And I was just giving her a hard time about it. So were doing the scene and she kisses me and I have a line and I actually mess up the line and I was like...oh sorry guys can we do this one more time...and everybody was laughing and she was blushing. It was funny."
  • Noah Crawford posted the photo he tweeted of him and Halston from the previous dat on facebook June 02, 2012. He said "Had fun seeing Dillon Lane, and Max and the Babes perform at the Roxy last night. Missed this girl." Showing that Noah has missed Halston since the the end of How to Rock.

Twitter Moments

June 01, 2012

@_noahcrawford_ @halstonsage

December 4, 2012

@halstonsage Look what I found @_noahcrawford_!

@_noahcrawford_@halstonsage haha I'll meet you there! Miss you

September 5, 2012

@sambosco_10 "Will you be my hobbit?" @_noahcrawford_ @halstonsage #womanizer

@_noahcrawford_@sambosco_10 @halstonsage I've got that creepy half open-half shut eye like someone else we know..... WHO could it be?

July 5, 2012

@sambosco_10@LennySage Um what about us lenz? @_noahcrawford_ @halstonsage #whatevs

@LennySage@sambosco_10 @_noahcrawford_ @halstonsage Were u guys there??? Love you guys too!! ...(actors ARE sensitive).

June 30, 2012

@halstonsage Loved filming this episode! Good rick-shaw riding buddies.

May 30, 2012

@_noahcrawford_ What do we do when we miss @halstonsage? We party in her room @sambosco_10

@halstonsage @_noahcrawford_ Crackin me up! Wish I was there to share the pb+b, Cec- mañana we shall snack :) P.s. The phone suits ya Nose!

@_noahcrawford_@halstonsage just callin James to find out where you were!

@halstonsage @_noahcrawford_ Hahaha! On a roll, Nose. keepin me laughin.

May 21, 2012

‏@_noahcrawford_ Miss @halstonsage and I... She was feeling my shades so I le
t her try 'em out

May 10, 2012

‏@_noahcrawford_ Happy Birthday to one of the greatest girls I've worked with @halstonsage :P

@halstonsage@_noahcrawford Aw, thanks Nose. And thank you for making me laugh on set at least 10 times a day!

March 12, 2012

@halstonsage Look who I found on my flight... @_noahcrawford_ & @chrisoneal4

@_noahcrawford_ CRAZY long flight. But sittin next to @chrisoneal4 and getting occasional visits from @halstonsage made it all worthwhile

February 5, 2012

‏@_noahcrawford_ @chrisoneal4 and myself hanging with @sambosco_10 and @halstonsage between takes!

February 2, 2012

@halstonsage Nelson and Grace crushing on each other??! Watch How to Rock on @NickelodeonTV to find out... :) @_noahcrawford_ 2/4 …

@_noahcrawford_ @halstonsagewhaaaaat? Now THAT is something I would tune in to...

September 23, 2011

@halstonsage: Jammin to vinyl in the lovely room of @sambosco_10 with our pal @_noahcrawford_

@_noahcrawford_ Ohhh yeahhh “@halstonsage: Jammin to vinyl in the lovely room of @sambosco_10 with our pal @_noahcrawford_

August 12, 2011

@halstonsage Grinch movie night! @DillonLane3 @sambosco_10 @_noahcrawford_ @Maxgschneider @ali_castro @LuluAntariksa @OfficialTaylorP @evtrev

July 31, 2011

‏@_noahcrawford_@halstonsage just thought I should tell you that after we left PJ said "I loved that place I never wanted to leave" lol thanks for having us

@halstonsage@_noahcrawford_ haha he was so adorable. I'm glad you all had fun--great weekend.

July 28, 2011

@halstonsage Great catching up w the @HowToRockTV cast over our lunch/movie date yesterday! @sambosco_10 @LuluAntariksa @Maxgschneider @_noahcrawford_

April 2, 2011

@_noahcrawford_ Meh and @halstonsage

March 9, 2011

‏@_noahcrawford_ @halstonsage that's because it's really the Cheshire Cat :)

@halstonsage@_noahcrawford_ sneaky...

February 15, 2011

@_noahcrawford_@halstonsage if I didn't spit that out... I would still be chewin' it.

@halstonsage@_noahcrawford_ grilled cheese should not be chewy.

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