Today's School News
Song by Gravity 5
Episode: "How to Rock a Newscast"
Genre(s): Pop
Length: 0:40
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"Today's School News" is a song performed by Gravity 5. It performed in the episode "How to Rock a Newscast". It's performed but Kacey, Zander, Nelson and Kevin for Stevie to judge if weather or not show wanted it to be the theme song for the School's newscast. Both Kacey and Zander came up with their own version of the song for Stevie to choose.


Kacey's Version

Watch Out!
We're coming at you with the school news
Sit down and put your feet up in your cool shoes
There's nothing more amazing than the school news
It's here
Today's school news
Zippety Bee Ba Ba

Zander's Version

You want news babe
You got it
You want news babe
You got it You want it
You need it
You love it
You eat it
It's news