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  • My occupation is a dreamer
  • I am a female

I hope you always find a reason to smile :)

Hey! My name is An. I am an admin to this wiki, a huge fan of the show and I love the entire cast. I'm usually on editing and doing what I do best so stop by and say hi, or if you have any questions feel free to ask!!

HTR Pairings I Ship

I don't ship any other pairings romantically, but I do support every friendship and their shippers.



Nelson Baxter
My favorite character is
Nelson Baxter!

Stevie Baskara
My favorite character is
Stevie Baskara!

Zander Robbins
My favorite character is
Zander Robbins!

My favorite character is
Kevin Reed!

A Messy Bet 3
My favorite episode is How to Rock a Messy Bet!

How to Rock a Prank
My favorite episode is How to Rock a Prank!

How to Rock a Secret Agent
My favorite episode is How to Rock a Secret Agent!

Go With Gravity
My favorite song is Go With Gravity!

Gravity 5
My favorite band is
Gravity 5!

♥I'm a passionate Zevian!♥

I'll ship Kavin for life!

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