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  • I was born on May 6

Hi, I'm Celeste and I love How to Rock. I ship Zacey but I respect Zevie. My favorite character is Kacey Simon/Stevie Baskara. My favorite episode so far is How to Rock a Prank. :)

Zacey 4 and ever
Zacey First Impressions
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I'm an Admin on this wiki so feel free to ask me any questions, leave a message on my wall!

This user loves the chemistry between Kacey and Zander!
He looks at her ♥This user can't help but find something special in the way Zander looks at Kacey.♥
How to rock a love song 2 ♥I know that Zander really wrote that song for Kacey.♥
Gravity 5 <center>My favorite song is Only You Can Be You!
Go With Gravity
My favorite song is Go With Gravity!
How to Rock a Prank
My favorite episode is How to Rock a Prank!
This User is a
Kacey Simon enthusiast!
Zander1 Guitar
This User is a
Zander Robbins enthusiast!
Stevie nervously rambling to Justin This user is just in love with Stustin.♥
Tumblr m0r9n6QEPy1r6z9yoo10 r1 250 ♥This user can't help but ship Stacey so much.♥

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